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Father Christmas in a red suit facing a small child wearing winter hat and jumper.
6 December 2022

Free Christmas activities for your kids

Our Christmas gift to you

Are you stressed looking for Christmas gifts?

Relax for a moment with our free Christmas gift to you - a range of activities that will help take the stress out of Christmas and ensure a bit of fun with your family.

With Christmas just around the corner, we want you to enjoy the festive season with free activities for your kids to do before Christmas day. And the following ideas are so easy!

Our Christmas activities for kids might not include visiting Father Christmas, but they’ll be just as much fun – and you won’t even have to venture out into the cold.

Try out new recipes from around the world

Food is something we can all enjoy during the festive season, so why not teach your children to cook delicious recipes with World Vision’s free cookbook?

Share your love of food this Christmas and try new recipes from around the world. Join with others as we work together to support children and families facing the hunger crisis, ensuring access to nutritious food for all people, regardless of where they live.

Cover of World Vision's hunger cookbook, Recipes from Around the World.
World Vision's free recipe cookbook

Get organised with a 2023 calendar

Get ahead of 2023 by organising your plans now.

Filling in your free 2023 calendar is a great way to take a moment and think ahead during the festive season. You can even ask your children what they would like to do in the new year.

This downloadable 2023 calendar celebrates the children whose lives have been transformed thanks to donations. You'll see the difference and hope you can bring in the year ahead; protecting children and giving them the chance to enjoy a childhood, no matter where they were born.

Cover and two inside pages from the 2023 calendar, with pictures of children helped by donations
World Vision's free downloadable 2023 calendar

World Vision empowers children

As a Christian charity, our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children, in the most dangerous places, overcome poverty and injustice. We’ve worked together with communities, partners, local leaders and governments, for over 70 years, so that children – of all faiths and none – are empowered to experience fullness of life.

And finally, if you are still looking for Christmas presents, don’t panic! Why not take a look at World Vision’s wonderful range of charity gifts? Your gift, full of love and compassion, can make a real and lasting difference for children.

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