In 2010 our aim was to reach eight million children. In 2015, with God’s guidance, your unwavering support and the dedication of our people, we surpassed this number, transforming the lives of 9.1 million children. In 2015 alone, we brought hope to the lives of 4,037,779 children. This included:

Our Annual Report celebrates all we achieved during 2015 – from supporting communities in Sierra Leone affected by the world’s deadliest outbreak of Ebola to advancing the end of child labour and ensuring children are at the heart of the new Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

2015 was the first year since the economic downturn that more sponsors joined us than left. Our emergency appeals were met with heartfelt generosity, for which we thank both our supporters and God. We were also awarded £44 million by government and other institutional donors, making 2015 our most successful year ever for securing grants.


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Impact: Changing children's lives

Photo: In Ethiopia, Dagim, 5, drinks a glass of cool, clean water. With our support, Dagim’s mother has recently learned how to keep her family’s drinking water safe. ©2015 Kelley Lynch/World Vision

During 2015 as war, disease, floods and earthquakes created crises around the world, we responded to 23 emergencies, including the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, the earthquake in Nepal, and the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis.

In Mali and the Central African Republic, where continuing conflict still threatens children’s lives, we provided life-saving assistance, doing the same for communities affected by climate change when cyclones hit the Philippines, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, flooding struck Tanzania and landslides occurred in Columbia.

Abishek, 6, from Nepal

“Before the earthquake, my school made me feel safe but now it is not safe. I fear the earthquake and I am scared at night. I feel the earthquake will come again and we will die.”

In countries, including Bangladesh, Kenya and Niger, our child nutrition programmes helped more children overcome or avoid malnutrition and helped more women give birth to their babies more safely. During 2015, we also brought clean water and better sanitation facilities to more than 500,000 children.

Harriet, 10, from Zambia

“The water we used to drink had small worms in it. The water was dirty because sometimes we would find dead rats in there… Mum had to sieve it.”

Our programmes – including our faith-based Channels of Hope work – focused specifically on protecting children against harmful traditional practices, including early marriage, female genital mutilation and child labour, and helped to change damaging attitudes towards children, helping them feel better protected and less fearful.

Lee-Ap, 13, from Cambodia

“When [my mother] was away I fetched the water, did the cooking… and cleaned the house. My mother asked me to stop going to school to look after [my younger sisters] while she was away.”

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Supporter Experience: Sharing Children's Lives

Photo: In Zambia, six-year-old Rosemary opens her Christmas card from her sponsor. “Thank you for your love” she says. ©2015 Kwenda Paipi/World Vision

Our supporters and sponsored children are now able to share more than ever before. Via My Sponsorship, sponsors can now watch videos from their sponsored child, as well as from their child’s community.

Our sponsorship updates were revamped and now provide a unique and personal insight into the lives of sponsored children, showing sponsors how their love and support is bringing hope and transforming lives.

In 2015, supporters were involved in some exciting new events, including Floral Friday, which encouraged supporters to hold floral themed events to raise awareness of our work, and the Love and Hope summer ball, which raised £67,000 for children living in the world’s most difficult places.

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Income and Influence: Fundraising and getting children heard

Photo: Adib, three, sits inside a tent in an abandoned factory in Serbia. His family fled his home country Afghanistan, hoping to find refuge in Germany. Unfortunately, the border between Serbia and Hungary closed and they weren’t able to continue their journey. While Adib’s family were in Serbia, we provided them with essential items to help them while they waited for the border to reopen. ©2015 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision

During 2015, our total income grew to £90.9 million, including £44 million received in grants, £37.9 million from child sponsorship and other donations, and £1.5 million raised by our emergency appeals.

Our advocacy work continued at a pace too. We continued to support survivors of sexual violence in conflict, bringing their voices to the heart of governments, at home and abroad.

We helped influence the child-related elements of the new Global Goals, enabling young people to get involved in the process. We also helped the voices of girls living in the world’s hardest places be heard at the UN, as part of an initiative to overcome gender-based violence and inequality.

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Organisation: Being a better organisation to work for

Photo: At Saint Joseph School in South Sudan, children sing and pray before their lunch – provided with support from us, as part of one of our feeding programmes in the country. ©2015 Jon Warren/World Vision

In 2015, we started to see the benefits of putting our people first. Our teams have done some amazing work, gave us their best and are now staying with us for longer than before.

As a result of our initiatives, we moved up from 52nd place to 9th place in the Sunday Times 100 Best Not-For-Profit Organisations To Work For in 2016 listings and were awarded three stars, classifying us as an ‘extraordinary organisation’ to work for.

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Finances at a glance: How we raised and spent our funds

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