The value of transformative gifts

World Vision believes in helping children to live life ‘in all its fullness’, including those growing up in some of the poorest countries in the world.

While sponsoring a child allows this to happen one child at a time, investing in one of World Vision’s philanthropy projects allows you to transform the lives of hundreds, or even thousands, of children.

The World Vision Philanthropy team works to secure funding for projects that can’t be funded through our child sponsorship programme and gives supporters the opportunity to experience our work in a different way. If you would like to speak to a member of the Philanthropy Team please call 01908 841010.

When you support World Vision, you become a partner of the world's largest international children's charities. Working in almost 100 countries, we benefit from the expertise of world-class development specialists; utilising economies of scale that are vital on the ground when a disaster happens. We also have a voice in international forums like the United Nations, and governments regularly seek our advice.

But, just as important as our size and global footprint is our grassroots presence. World Vision employs local people with local knowledge. This means our interventions can be targeted at the most vulnerable children because we know exactly who they are.

Our promise

We want you to know that you get the maximum return on your investment. When you make a significant donation to World Vision we will:

  • Send you regular updates about the impact that your donation is having on the project of your choice
  • Ensure your personal relationship manager keeps you informed on other aspects of our work
  • Invite you to meet key staff in the UK and overseas, including Tim Pilkington, the World Vision UK Chief Executive
  • Offer you the opportunity to travel to see our overseas aid work
  • Send you bi-annual newsletters and invitations to visit our Milton Keynes and London offices.

Trusts and foundations

If you would like to bring real hope to children in poverty, through a trust or foundation, then please do contact our Philanthropy team. We have a strong history of working with a wide range of trusts and foundations – from smaller family trusts to larger professional foundations like the Laing Charitable Trusts and the Sainsbury Family Trust. We can cater for all reporting requirements and have a rigorous process to measure outcomes and impact, as well as providing a detailed financial analysis on a bi-annual basis.


If you’re thinking about making a significant donation to make a real difference to children’s lives, this is what some of our current philanthropists are saying about donating to World Vision:

“Impressed to see how World Vision recognises the problems of the past, helps find solutions for the present and lays foundations for the future.”

“The genuine passion, patience and excellence with which you are helping the poor and vulnerable was very heartwarming to see.”

"Going to visit a World Vision Area Development Project in Zimbabwe was an incredible experience. I was struck by the mix of rigorous professionalism with compassionate care. The World Vision staff are capable, intelligent and highly qualified. More than that, they're involved – you get the sense that this is personal for them. They're able to work credibly with government agencies and community leaders, without ever losing sight of their vision to serve the poor and care for children. We feel very confident about our partnership with World Vision and wish it to continue for many years."

Meet the Philanthropy team

Our dedicated Philanthropy team is here to help you. They can:

  • Explain how your contribution can help transform the lives of the world's poorest children
  • Explain the types of projects you can get involved in
  • Bring your philanthropy alive by keeping you in touch with the work you are supporting

Please write to us at or call our Supporter Helpline on 01908 841010 and ask to speak to a member of our team.

Our team members include:

Richard Lawrence, Philanthropy Manager

RL_210x158_philanthropy.jpgRichard has over 15 years experience in fundraising for various Not for Profits, with the last 5 years in World Vision managing teams to bring in over 50,000 new World Vision supporters. Richard has a passion for seeing people reach their full potential and working with people to bring out the best in them. After visiting World Vision projects in Sierra Leone he was amazed by the drive and desire of people to improve their own lives and the sustainable way in which World Vision makes a lasting difference. Richard says, "Seeing a woman go from having no income and not being able to feed her two children, to now having cattle and a sustainable business gives me faith in the work that we do and the difference we can all make. It’s amazing to see the happiness people get when they give, everybody loves to do something to help someone else and I love that I get to open people’s hearts and minds on a daily basis."

 Jonathan Moulding, Senior Philanthropy Executive

Jonathan_Moulding.jpgFollowing many years of overseas development work, Jonathan joined World Vision UK in 2011. Of his role, Jonathan says: “I feel privileged to work with World Vision to help make real change possible for the world’s poorest children. I immensely enjoy working with our key supporters who are such caring and concerned philanthropists. They make so much possible through their partnering with our charity. I count it an honour to travel with them in their journey of engagement with World Vision’s work.”

Saramine Mukute, Senior Philanthropy Executive

Saramine_Mukute_210x158.jpgSaramine joined World Vision after having spent many years working in the private sector and has held various relationship management and leadership roles. She holds a Bachelor of Laws Honours degree. One aspect which Saramine finds most rewarding in her role is being at the heart of the needs of vulnerable children around the world. "I love what I do; in being able to connect these needs together with the passions and gifts of our loyal and generous supporters. It is within this unique partnership that we bring real hope to millions of children in the world's hardest to reach places".

Clara Galvao, Philanthropy Executive

Clara_Galvao_1_210x158.jpgClara has over 15 years of valuable hands-on experience in the charity sector. She’s played key roles in development projects aiding homeless children in Brazil, was on the ground in Mozambique during the flood crisis of 2000 and has headed many aid distribution and fundraising initiatives internationally. Seeing and experiencing these events first-hand has ignited a passion and a lifelong commitment for change. "The needs out there are so great. Though heart-breaking, the experiences I’ve had in developing countries have strengthened my resolve to do all I can to make a difference – it’s become my life’s greatest passion. It’s a real privilege to be working with World Vision and build relationships with like-minded donors and philanthropists who share our goal to bring change to the lives of those who desperately need us."

Reka Gencsi, Philanthropy Executive

Reka_Gencsi_2_210x158.jpgReka graduated from Nottingham University with an Honours degree in Economics in 2009. She then spent three months volunteering in Uganda and six months in the Philippines where she gained a good understanding of development issues across Africa and Asia. While in Asia, she spent some time at World Vision Philippines, helping with the response to Typhoon Ketsana in 2009. Reka then joined World Vision UK in 2010. In the last four years, Reka has worked in the Supporter Relations team organising visits for sponsors, agencies and ambassadors to the field and later in the Marketing team creating and promoting blogs from around the world. She has recently been on a trip to South America to gain a deeper understanding of the way World Vision works in the field. Reka is really passionate about fighting poverty and injustice and improving the lives of children worldwide.

Tamsin Morris, Philanthropy Executive

Tamsin_Morris.jpgTamsin joined World Vision UK in 2012 after ten years in philanthropy and communications for NGOs. She raises income from Trusts and Foundations and enjoys matching them to causes that really matter to them. 'I'm delighted to showcase our work and show the difference that can be made in bringing hope to children living in the hardest places.' she says. With a background in microfinance, Tamsin has worked and travelled in Africa and South East Asia and has a Masters in International Development and Emergencies.