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Throughout our lives, we work hard to ensure the children in our lives are safe and without fear. We strive to protect them, help them learn and provide a childhood full of love, safety and hope. And in writing a will, we make sure that the protection we offered in life can remain in the years to come.

However, there are millions of children across the world for whom fear is an everyday fact of life: fear of hunger, disease, conflict, exploitation...the list is sadly long. Yet, by remembering World Vision, you can bring hope to the lives of these children – a real and lasting hope for children in the world’s hardest places.

To speak with a member of our Legacy team, please call 01908 84 10 60.


Girma’s legacy


"Almost 30 years ago, my valley in Ethiopia was gripped by the worst famine we had ever known. I had to call for help.

"When the famine came to my country, I was a community leader in the Antsokia Valley. Our farmers had once produced food for the whole nation. But in 1984 the rains failed, our stocks ran low and we began to starve. On the worst days, we buried eight to ten people at once, in the same graves. But the worst thing was seeing the famine take our children.

"No help came. So I travelled more than 200 miles to Addis Ababa to ask the government myself. When they saw what was happening, they called World Vision. A man called John came to see what could be done. But with no roads and no airport, he said it would be impossible to bring help. I was determined to save my people, so I pleaded with him – I told him we would prepare an airfield ourselves. And then we went to work. Even those who weren’t strong helped build the airfield.

"As we planted white flags to guide the way, World Vision’s plane appeared over the horizon. Finally, help was here. And World Vision have stayed with us ever since. After the plane came, our people began to be saved from starvation. Then once we were stronger, World Vision helped us to farm again. They found a water source. We started to grow drought-resistant crops and raise sheep, chickens and cows. Life began to get better – it’s still getting better every day. Our community has been transformed, and our children have bright, bright futures.

"I’m proud that my legacy was bringing World Vision to Antsokia. If it wasn’t for World Vision’s plane landing, we would not be here. 30 years ago, our land was dry and our people were dying. Now our valley is full of life! I pray that World Vision can bring the same life and hope to others in need.

"Thirty years of practical help and compassion have transformed children’s futures in Ethiopia. But millions more are still in desperate need. In places like South Sudan, Syria and the Philippines, poverty, conflict and natural disasters mean the future holds at best fear and danger. At worst, only death."

Girma Wondafrash

Leave a legacy

We need to help them as soon as we can. And be ready to help more children when disasters strike in the future. That’s why the gifts people leave us in their wills are so very important to us. You can read more about how legacy gifts are transforming lives in our legacy brochure – A Precious Gift. A Treasured Legacy. To request a free copy, just call 01908 84 10 60 or email legacies@worldvision.org.uk

Meet the legacy team

Our dedicated legacy team is here to help you. They are not legal or financial advisers, but they can:

  • Explain how a gift in your will can help our vital work with children
  • Explain the various types of gifts that you can include in your will and their benefits
  • Help you find a solicitor in your area
  • Talk through the practical steps involved in making or changing a will.


Call on 01908 84 10 60

The team will be as helpful and supportive as they can and everything you tell them is in the strictest confidence. The legacy team members include:

Karen Bissaker, Legacy & Remembrance Gifts Manager

Karen Bissaker, Legacy & Remembrance Gifts Manager

Karen joined World Vision in 2001 and has visited projects funded by gifts in wills in Ethiopia, Cambodia and Senegal. Karen says: “It’s a real privilege to help somebody who has lost a loved one find a positive way to channel their grief”.

Karin Farmer, Legacy Officer

Karin Farmer, Legacy Officer

Karin joined us in March 2010 and was inspired to work for World Vision because it gave her the chance to make lasting changes in the lives of children.

Call our dedicated legacies team on 01908 84 10 60 for help and advice.


Resources & FAQs

Leave a gift in your will

To request our free legacy brochure, A Precious Gift, A Treasured Legacy which features lots of helpful and practical information about leaving a gift that can help transform the lives of children in the world’s hardest places, please call 01908 84 10 60 or send an email to legacies@worldvision.org.uk.

Leave a gift FAQs

Why do I need a will?
Making a will means you can control what happens to your money and property after you die and appoint an executor to deal with your affairs in the event of your death. If you die without a valid will your estate will be distributed according to the laws of intestacy, which would mean that only your nearest family would benefit. However, the division between your close family under the intestacy rules may not be what you would have wanted and other family members, friends and favourite causes you might want to benefit would receive nothing. It could also lead to an unwanted and unavoidable tax bill on your death.

Isn’t this a private matter?
Yes. Your will is a very private document and you’re not under any obligation to tell us anything. Of course, if you do want to let us know your intentions, we would love to hear from you so that we can thank you for your generosity. Please call us on 01908 84 10 60 to request our new legacy brochure – For Children. For Change, Forever – which features our charter outlining our commitment to you.

I want to consider leaving a gift in my will to World Vision, but how will my family feel?
We understand that family and friends come first. All we ask is that you consider leaving us a share of whatever is left in your estate once all your specific wishes have been carried out.

Can a gift to World Vision help me pay less tax?
The inheritance tax threshold is currently £325,000 and set at 40%. The only people who can benefit without your estate being liable to inheritance tax are legal spouses and charities. Our legacy brochure features an information sheet on this topic. To obtain your brochure, just call 01908 84 10 60.

I’m a child sponsor. Can I leave money to my sponsored child in my will?                                 
World Vision Child Sponsorship works by changing a child’s life through changing the world in which they live. Sponsorship brings change to more than just one child — the benefits you help provide extend to each child’s family, their community, and other children in need. Naming your sponsored child in your will is not recommended as children and their families may leave the area and no longer be participating in the programme. Please call us on 01908 84 10 60, so that we can advise you further.

Can I choose what my gift is spent on?
The legacies we receive are usually unrestricted gifts, allowing us to use the funds wherever the need is greatest at that particular time. However, we also gladly accept gifts for an area of our work that is close to your heart. If you would like to discuss any specific intentions you have, please call one of our trained legacy advisers on 01908 84 10 60  – we will do our utmost to honour your wishes.

I’ve decided to leave a gift in my will to World Vision. What do I need to tell my solicitor?
We strongly advise that you use a qualified solicitor to amend an existing will or to include a gift in a new will. Our legacy brochure, For Children. For Change. Forever, contains some suggested wording you could take to your solicitor. Call 01908 84 10 60 to request your pack or download the legacy brochure.

Can I talk to someone who can answer my queries about making a will and leaving a gift to World Vision?
Call our dedicated legacies team 01908 84 10 60 for help and advice. They are not legal or financial advisers, but they can:
•    Explain how a gift in your will can help our vital work with children
•    Explain the various types of gifts that you can include in your will and their benefits
•    Help you find a solicitor in your area
•    Talk through the practical steps involved in making or changing a will.

Is it possible for me to see World Vision’s annual accounts and find out more about World Vision’s finances?
Yes, simply click to view our annual reports and accounts »

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