Syria Crisis Appeal

Over 6.5 million children
have been forced to flee
their homes in Syria. Many
have lost friends and family
members and experienced
violence that no child
should have to endure.

Please donate now to
help protect and provide
for these children.

Help vulnerable children in Syria

The crisis in Syria has now entered its fifth year. Millions of families have been forced to flee their homes, some seeking safety in bordering countries while others are now homeless within Syria.
These families urgently need food, shelter and household essentials like blankets and hygiene items. Their children also desperately need support to help them process and come to terms with the trauma they have experienced.

World Vision have reached almost 1.8 million people affected by the crisis in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq. We have provided essentials like food vouchers, heaters, blankets and hygiene kits to help people stay warm, fed and well. We have set up safe places where children can learn and play and process all they have experienced. However, humanitarian needs continue to grow.

How your money can help

  • £30 could buy 3 blankets for a family
  • £60 could give a family nutritious food for three weeks, including milk for their babies
  • £150 could provide mattresses, blankets, hygiene kits and a kitchen set for a family




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