El Niño Crisis Appeal

More children are being affected by El Niño than ever before.

We are doing our best to help vulnerable children but we urgently need your support.

El Niño Crisis Appeal

El Nino is a weather phenomenon that brings extreme weather to several regions around the world, it exacerbates droughts in some areas, while increasing flooding in others. 2016 saw more children affected by its damage than ever before. With Africa, Asia and Latin America, the worst affected.

Children are always the most vulnerable during crisis and emergency situations, and this is no different. As green turns to grey in Southern Africa and failed rains have caused the crops to die, many children are surviving on as little as one bowl of rice a day. With no breakfast to wake up to, or dinner on their return from school, these children are becoming increasingly malnourished and vulnerable to illness.

We are doing our best to help vulnerable children but we urgently need your support.


How your money will help

  • £30 will pay for a month’s worth of food for a family in places like Honduras, giving them the nourishment they need to survive in a crisis
  • £120 will pay for a shelter kit, which contains a range of items designed to help families who have lost their homes and belongings in places like South America
  • £285 will help to provide solar pumps in places like Malawi, enabling farmers to pump water from rivers or shallow wells


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