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East Africa Appeal

Right now, millions of children are facing desperate hunger in East Africa.

Without food and clean water, children’s lives are in extreme danger.

They urgently need your help.

El Nino Appeal

More children are being affected by El Niño than ever before.

We are doing our best to help vulnerable children but we urgently need your support.

Ecuador Earthquake Appeal

Children and families have been devastated by the Ecuador earthquake.

Please give now to help us reach those in need.

Syria Crisis Appeal

The conflict in Syria has been ongoing for over five years and has drastically changed millions of lives.

Please donate now to save lives and protect Syrian children.

Haiti Hurricane Appeal

On 5 October 2016, Hurricane Matthew - a category 4 storm - bore down on Haiti bringing torrential rain, life-threatening floods and mudslides. It was the region’s strongest hurricane for over 50 years. 1,000 people have been killed and 1,400,000 still need basic humanitarian assistance.

World Vision's Emergency Work

Help World Vision to respond quickly to disasters, as soon as they strike. By being prepared we can save more lives of children in the world’s hardest places.

Other World Vision work

When millions of people around the world are suffering through war, famine, poverty and abuse; deciding which crisis to donate to can be hard. That’s why a general donation to World Vision is a great choice, as your donation will go to where the need is greatest.