El Nino Appeal

More children are being affected by El Niño than ever before.

We are doing our best to help vulnerable children but we urgently need your support.

Ecuador Earthquake Appeal

Children and families have been devastated by the Ecuador earthquake.

Please give now to help us reach those in need.

Ebola Crisis Appeal

Ebola has devastated Sierra Leone.

Please give now to help children deal with their loss and support families as the nation recovers.

Syria Crisis Appeal

The conflict in Syria has been ongoing for over five years and has drastically changed millions of lives.

Please donate now to save lives and protect Syrian children.

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Almost a year since the devastating earthquakes in Nepal, thousands of children urgently need shelter from the winter cold.

Please give now to save lives and support children and families through the winter.

South Sudan Crisis Appeal

Over 500,000 children have been made homeless by conflict in South Sudan. Hungry and afraid, they are struggling to survive in makeshift camps.

Please give now to provide emergency food, water and medical care.