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How child sponsorship works When you sponsor a child for

YaNuch’s Different Childhood

Change can be a slow process – sometimes painfully so. World Vision Communicator, Dara Chhim visited a family in Cambodia and discovered the joys of seeing change happen in front of your eyes..
YaNuch joined the child sponsorship scheme and Sokh No committed to helping her


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Sponsor a child with World Vision, just like Amanda Redman

Amanda Redman has been involved in child sponsorship with World Vision for almost 20 years. She tells us about the difference you make when you sponsor a child.
child sponsorship money had paid for boreholes to provide clea… child sponsorship money had paid for boreholes to provide clea… Want to find out more about child sponsorship


child sponsorship money had paid for boreholes to provide clea

What Our Kids Need: Blogger Stories

At the start of the year we asked to bloggers write about what their children last needed and what this meant to them. We were delighted with the inspirational posts that came back.

How Sponsorship Works 2

Child sponsorship is an effective way to provide long…years. Watch her story below to find out why child sponsorship is such an enriching life experience

How Sponsorship Works

years. Watch her story below to find out why child sponsorship is such an enriching life experience … Child sponsorship is an effective way to provide long

The hopes and dreams of four orphaned children in India

We spoke to four orphaned children in India, currently hoping to be sponsored, to hear their hopes and dreams for the future. Read their stories.
port orphans around the globe. We believe child sponsorship is one of the best ways to support vulnerabl

Jerome Flynn faces the reality of violence against children in Myanmar

World Vision UK ambassador, Jerome Flynn, visited Myanmar to see our work and support the campaign #ItTakesAWorld to end violence against children. He met with street children, victims of trafficking and a former child solider.

Sharmin’s story: educating girls to overcome poverty

17-year-old Sharmin, from Bangladesh, dropped out of school after completing grade 4 to support her family, selling food on the roadside with her mother. This reality is all too often faced by children in Bangladesh, where 3.2 million children aged 5-17 are engaged in child labour*. Child labour is work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity as well as being harmful to physical and mental development.
World Vision works around the world through child sponsorship and other projects to help reduce children

"No more living in darkness" Stopping child marriage through education in Bangladesh

When Meghla joined our child rights information sessions she gained the knowledge and confidence to speak up to her family and express her unhappiness with marrying young. Fortunately, her wedding was cancelled and Meghla is continuing her education.
factors that can lead to early marriage. Our child sponsorship programme plays a vital role in partnering w

Starting over in Stepanavan, with help from child sponsors

In April 2016, eight-year-old Nelly’s family fled their village when heavy fighting broke out between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in the Southeast of the country. Nelly’s family found shelter in one of Armenia’s remote communities, which also happens to be supported by our child sponsors in the UK – Stepanavan, located in the northern part of the country. In Stepanavan, the mayor helped to find the family a small house to live in, and our office provided the family with a cow, as well as the necessary bedding for the new house, and helped to register them in the local schools. Today Nelly and her four siblings are all sponsored children.

5 reasons to sponsor a child

How to achieve all New Year's resolutions in one simple move. Feel great, help others, form positive relationships and sponsor a child today.
Make life better So child sponsorship can make you happier… child today 3. Open a window on the world Child sponsorship offers you a unique… but it doesn't always feel as special. With child sponsorship you can write letters and cards to your spon

The many things my child needs

What was the last thing your child needed? This New Year, World Vision asks bloggers to think about the most recent thing their children needed.

Emmanuel, the 11-year-old South Sudan presidential hopeful

11-year-old Emmanuel wants to be the president of South Sudan. The reason, he tells me, is “to bring peace to my country.”
both in our child sponsorship projects and in our emergency response in co

My name is Varsha

11-year old Varsha now takes time each morning to keep clean after learning from World Vision how important personal hygiene is for staying healthy. Her transformation has inspired other parents in rural India to send their children to school.

Susan’s secret history | The legacy of sexual violence in Uganda’s conflict

Susan’s story: Daily hardship hides a terrible secret history that even she doesn’t know – it starts with sexual violence in Uganda’s conflict.

Mental health, at home and abroad

As humanitarian emergencies continue to unfold around the world, children are increasingly exposed to violence and other experiences that leave them in desperate need of psychological first aid.
ou can find out more about our emergency and child sponsorship work here

Hunger in Zimbabwe | Elida’s story of El Nino

This year’s poor rains and drought from El Nino have greatly affected the lives of 12-year old Elida, her two brothers, Christopher, 21, William, 16, and their grandmother, Emma. With the help of World Vision, Elida and her family have been receiving food packs from our office, provided by child sponsors to reach the most vulnerable families.
lion people in need of food aid. Through our child sponsorship work

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