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Lin's Story

Lin is 7 years old and lives with his family in north west Cambodia. The community he lives in is very rural and most people there are migrant subsistent farmers who rely heavily on rice farming. The area suffers from both droughts and flooding at different times of the year so families often struggle to produce enough food to eat.

Because it was such a struggle to earn a living to support his family, Lin's father travelled away to Thailand to work leaving the family behind. Whenever he was away, Lin missed him terribly.

World Vision have been working in Lin's community since 2010 and in that time one of the focuses has been on supporting families to learn new skills to be able to provide better for their families. Lin's family learned different farming practices and were supported with new tools and seeds. In addition to this, a big focus has been on improving access to clean water in the community, both for household use and also watering crops.

With these changes, Lin's father no longer needs to travel away to find work. "Before, I missed my father so much and waited for him everyday.... but now I get to see his smiling face every day." Lin, aged 7, Cambodia.

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