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From fighting malnutrition to ending global hunger, we campaign successfully to tackle the root causes of poverty that affect children and communities living in the world’s hardest places.

Most recently, World Vision supporters joined the Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign, hoping to make 2013 the year that world hunger ended.

Find out how the millions of ordinary people who joined IF achieved something extraordinary.

Enough Food For Everyone IF

Enough Food For Everyone IF was about one big thing. It was about people coming together to do something remarkable for others. That remarkable thing was putting an end to global hunger.

They did this because they asked themselves these heartbreaking questions:

• Why IF there is enough food in the world for everyone is hunger killing more people than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined?
• And why IF, there is enough food in the world for everyone are two million children starving to death every year?

After they thought about these questions, people realised that the millions of deaths caused needlessly by hunger happen because they are allowed to, because nothing is done to prevent them.

Armed with this simple truth, people decided to support the IF campaign and do something about it. They added their voice to millions of others and asked world leaders to:

•    Stop big companies dodging tax in poor countries
•    Stop poor farmers being forced off their land
•    Stop the growing of crops for fuel instead of food
•    Give enough aid to help the poorest children and families get enough food
•    Be honest and open about some of the things that are stopping people getting enough food.

And when these millions of voices came together, they were heard loud and clear.

•    The UK government kept its promise to spend 0.7% of GDP on aid.
•    US$4.1 billion was pledged by governments and organisations to tackle nutrition, with World Vision contributing an incredible US$1.2 billion of this amount. This could prevent 20 million children from growing up stunted.
•     The four Big IFs – tax, transparency, land rights and aid – were at the heart of the G8’s agenda, alongside the need to ensure that children and families in Syria get the protection they need. In this economic and political climate, that’s a real achievement.
•    Governments agreed to clamp down on tax dodging by sharing information on corporate taxes. This will help poor countries retain more of the money they are owed.
•    The G8 agreed to trial partnerships in a handful of developing countries, to help make buying, owning and selling land much fairer.

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