Change a child's world

Child sponsors make a real difference to the lives of vulnerable children living in some of the world’s hardest places.

Their sponsorship transforms a child’s world, creating a lasting difference; not just for the child, but for their family and community too.

Change happens when children are able to have the basics that we expect for our own children – safe, clean water that doesn’t make them sick, enough food so they don’t go to bed hungry, protection from preventable diseases and education for a brighter future. And when families are given skills and vocational opportunities, change transforms their community too.

This all happens because of child sponsors.

Transforming lives

Sponsoring a child can transform their lives

Child sponsorship can help transform lives, just like Jenneh’s, who is from an area of Sierra Leone where World Vision is working. Aged just 11, Jenneh learned she was to be married. Distraught, she planned to runaway to avoid the marriage. Fortunately, World Vision was informed of the situation and the wedding was stopped.

Jenneh’s story

Here in her own words, Jenneh shares her experience:

“The first time I met the man I was 11 and I didn’t like him at all. He was big and... much older than me. He seemed about 41 years old. I was frightened to go with him. I told my parents I was not interested. They told me they had given their word to this man and they were not prepared to change their minds for anything."

“On the day of the marriage [local staff from World Vision] came, quoted the law and showed the relevance of leaving the children, especially the girl child, at school because when you educate a girl you educate the whole nation."

“I was very happy that World Vision knew about the case. I feel protected now. In the future I want to finish my education first, then I will establish a business.”

Because of World Vision’s intervention, Jenneh has not been forced into marrying as a child. She will continue her education and has a safer and happier future to look forward to.

Sponsor a girl like Jenneh and help lift her from poverty

Returning childhoods

Child sponsorship can give a child their childhood back

Jenneh’s world was transformed by World Vision. She was able to stay with her family, grow up with her younger brother and sister and enjoy her childhood. Free from child marriage, girls are able to:

  • Stay in school and continue with their education
  • Carry on living with their families in their own communities
  • Continue friendships and take part in community activities
  • Avoid serious health risks such as premature pregnancy.

All of the above helped give Jenneh her childhood back.

Experience has shown us that a child’s life is only fully transformed when the world they live in is too. Their family, community and local area also need to be supported. With World Vision, child sponsors are able to do just this.

Sitting down with local communities, we listen to their needs and then work with them to address the root causes of their specific challenges. Working with them we are able to develop projects that specifically meet local needs – helping to improve the wellbeing of children living in that area for the long term.

We make changes that last. Changes that give sponsored, and other children in the area, the opportunity to thrive and grow into adults who will one day provide for themselves, their own children and contribute to their community.

Sponsorship costs just 75p a day and can help free girls from child marriage and give them back their childhoods. But there are many more girls and boys who are still at risk and need your help to give them back their childhood and the future they deserve.

Sponsor a child today

How your money changes lives

The money our regular supporters give to sponsor a child is really precious. We ensure that it is used as efficiently and effectively as possible to make the maximum difference to a child’s life and their family’s future.

World Vision UK funds 2012

The pie charts above show how World Vision UK’s funds were spent during 2012. They include all funds received by World Vision UK – not just those received through child sponsorship.

Sponsor a child today and help make a difference